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the castles of the Loire

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We will start our journey with one of the main attractions of Normandy - a small resort town of Etretat, located on the banks of The English channel. There are no attractions and monuments, only the grandeur and splendor of nature. The coastline for many kilometers consists of steep chalk cliffs, up to 90 meters high. The rocks of Etretat amaze with their beauty and color, and the inclusions of silicon give them an even more amazing look. No wonder many artists, writers and musicians drew inspiration here. Gustave Courbet, eugène Delacroix, Camille Corot, Eugene Boudin, Vasily Polenov could not resist the charm of Etretat. But the main singer of this beauty, of course, Claude Monet, who created more than 80 paintings here.

What will this place inspire us to do?


The next issue of our program is the majestic Mont-Saint-Michel , a rocky island turned into a fortress island, on the North-Western coast of France, on the border of two regions – Normandy and Brittany.

During its existence, towering on the island in the middle of the Bay, the castle of Mont Saint-Michel managed to visit in various roles, but always remained one of the most impressive architectural wonders of France.

The Bay of Mont Saint-Michel has always been famous for its tides — the difference between the highest and lowest sea levels reaches a record value of 15 meters. Due to the shallow depths and flat bottom of the sea during low tide retreats from the shore for 15-20 kilometers, back is usually returned at a pedestrian speed — about 4 km/h, although they say, in some places with a strong tailwind, this speed can grow up to 30 km/h. The legend of the tides, catch-up rider short stories about the carts, without a trace, disappearing with the horses in the huge sibunag, descriptions of the terrible deaths of the travellers, covered in wet sand, what in all of this is more truth or fiction? We will understand this, seeing everything with my own eyes.

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Finally we go to the castles of the Loire.

Romantic Chambord castle has always been and remains the most beautiful and romantic of the castles of the Loire valley, because Louis XIV himself contributed to its construction – a famous connoisseur of beauty and the author of the divine Versailles. In the architectural forms of Chambord affected all the greatness and luxury of the Renaissance.

The next 3 days we will spend in close proximity to this miracle of architecture, our apartments are located 200 meters from the castle, which will allow us to shoot it both at dawn and at sunset, at this time there will be no one around but us and …

Chenonceau castle is also called "ladies castle" - one of the most romantic and favorite tourist estates in the Loire valley. The old castle is so popular that many consider it the most beautiful sight in France. We'll have a chance to check it out.


Well, a nice bonus to our journey will be shooting a panorama of evening Paris from the height of the Montparnasse tower.

Dates  23.09.19 — 01.10.19


Duration: 9 days

Group up to 6 people

Total Price  1500 EUR 1350 EUR            

Deposit  500 EUR


Workshop Price Includes


• round trip airport transfer

• accommodation 

• breakfasts

• transport for the whole route

• payment for Parking, toll roads

• guide services, consultations help with             photography


Workshop Price Does Not Include


• plane tickets

• visa and insurance

• personal expenses


Arrival city: Paris

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