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Top Of The Dolomites

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So, ahead of another trip to the autumn Dolomites.

What awaits us this time?

During the eleven days of our trip we will visit all the most iconic places of the Dolomites, we will stop in close proximity to the objects of our interest and we will be able to shoot both in regime time – at sunset and at dawn, and at night

(and shooting the starry sky in the mountains is a separate topic).

Well, at the last stage of our journey, we will shoot the Geisler mountain range from exclusive points.

   Well, perhaps the start.

Seceda is a very beautiful, charismatic peak. In autumn, in the morning, you can often see how low clouds roll from one valley to another, enveloping the mountain peaks in a soft robe.

The only problem is that the place is quite high and to see it all you need to either climb to the point at night or spend the night here on top. We will use the second option and spend 2 nights in a mountain hut, which is the closest to our point of shooting from all possible options (and they are not so much)



Our next location is a picturesque plateau with Alpine meadows, surrounded by mountain peaks - Alpe di Siusi. In October morning fogs are not rare in the valley. Rising from behind the mountains, the sun combined with the fog creates a magical action. And we will be witnesses to that.

 We will spend a full two days on the plateau.

_I3A9071+72 Panorama_Finish_crop.jpg

Tre Cime di Lavaredo – this trio is probably familiar to you, as it is familiar to all lovers of the landscape.

And it's not easy – the mountain range has a very spectacular view, from which side it does not approach. In this we will see for ourselves, the next three days we will shoot it from different points, both classic and completely unexpected.


However, these days we are not limited to shooting Tre Cime.

The list of photographic locations in this area is so extensive that it is not possible to visit them all in that short period of time.

We will try to do the impossible:

Lago Antorno (on the shore of which we live) Lago di Misurina, Lago di Landro, Lago di Braies, Lago Limides, Cinque Torri here's the playlist for the time of our visit NAT. parka. All this we will see, well, what of all this will be removed in the regime time, we will decide together.


Gradually we are approaching the culmination of our journey – fabulous postcard Alpine village Santa Maddalena, its Pastorals with churches on the background of the majestic teeth of the mountain massif Geisler.

_I3A8795 Panorama_Finish+crop.jpg

However in my opinion, the most interesting lies ahead. We will go to remove the old teeth and Geissler, as to they did not shoot nobody…

After three days spent in Santa Magdalena we head towards the house,

but on the way, we will make another stop – the last night we will spend near lake Careza.

We will stay in a hotel near the lake and we will be able to shoot this "pearl" at different times of the day.


Dates  15.10.19 — 26.10.19


Duration: 12 days

Group up to 6 people

Total Price  2200 EUR 1980 EUR           

Deposit  700 EUR


Workshop Price Includes


• round trip airport transfer

• accommodation 

• breakfasts

• mountain lifts

• transport for the whole route

• payment for Parking, toll roads

• guide services, consultations help with



Workshop Price Does Not Include


• plane tickets

• visa and insurance

• personal expenses


Arrival city: Venice

Our journey continues. We're going to Slovenia.
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