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My name is Valery Shcherbina and I, as they say now, photographer-traveler, well, traveling photographer - as you like.

  Sinful - love to travel. Once I caught the virus of wandering and now I can not, and what a sin to conceal, I do not want to get rid of it.

Another passion of mine is photography. I don't even know what I like more: traveling, or taking pictures. However before me the question of choice is not - I combine these classes. Anyway, all my travels are subordinated to one goal - photography.

  Over time, the virus wanderings strengthened in my body and now on the face of all the signs of chronic disease.

It is necessary to support the body with periodic courses of therapy of the next photo travels.

I will not hide, this disease is contagious and it is likely that after our trip, and you will find yourself in its symptoms, expressed in an unbearable craving to go to the next trip.

However, in my opinion, this is not the worst of the disease. Cheer on health :)

a little about me

I've known Valera for a long time, but unfortunately, we've only traveled together a few times. 
One of the most difficult and dangerous photo trips was in winter, in Iceland. 
And there, as nowhere else, Valera's character was manifested - purposeful, strong-willed and "team". 
Just remember the episodes: in order to shoot a good shot with the original composition, Valera makes his way to the foot of the waterfall on the ice crust with a steep slope to the place where a powerful stream of foam water falls with a roar, leaning on a tripod and holding on to the air:) he stubbornly goes, reaches a steep cliff next to the rumbling water and makes great shots; he could wait for hours for the light he needed, standing on top of the hill in front of the landscape, under the strongest wind with wet snow, soaked to the skin and shivering, but happy from the removed material; he could help out a colleague in the photo-weapons and not thinking to give him a spare battery or a flash drive, when they also ran out.
Well, about the level of photo-skill is not worth talking about, about it say his wonderful work.

Yuri Pustovoy

Many years ago I had the opportunity to meet with Valerie, one of phototrop and I immediately felt in him a kindred spirit. 
He is one of those who life without travel and heavy fotoryukzaka seems boring and uninteresting, and not one of those who will exchange a frosty sunset in the wind for a delicious dinner in a cozy restaurant. 
Valera is a talented photo artist. I follow his work online with interest and meet with pleasure for joint trips.

Mike Reifman

 From time to time I take part in various photo contests and photo exhibitions.        More than once became both the winner. Therefore, I have in my list a number of awards, including gold medals FIAP and PSA

All I feel I need to share, I post (depending on mood), here on these resources:

Well, my friends, enough words, it's time to get going. Forward to a wonderful unforgettable adventure and our future photo!

let's go.

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